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Cy Stop and Fly




Stop & Fly offers Meet & Greet Services, which means you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • No driving around until you find a spot, no long walks from that spot to the terminal. This is a hassle free choice and it saves you a lot of time. Arrive at check-in within minutes of dropping off your car
  • No waiting for transfer buses and No carrying of luggages on transfer buses
  • Drive home minutes after clearing customs
  • And ... You can enjoy a number of extra services, that you would not normally have the option to enjoy. How does returning from a trip and finding your car washed, filled with petrol, or even serviced, sound?
  • All things considered (time, convenience, prices) it may cost you less.

Yes, all our drivers are insured with Motortrade, which allows them to drive any car.

If your journey finishes earlier then expected, you will be charged only for the days we have kept your car. If your journey finishes later than expected, you will be charged extra for every day your car has been kept. Note that we count a day on a 24-hour basis, and we will never count a day, unless it exceeds 6 hours.

Yes, we can now accept any kind of Credit and Debit Cards. If you are paying by card on site though, please make sure that you let us know about this when you make your booking or before your arrival from your trip, so that we can have the mobille machine with us.

It's a very easy procedure;

  • Decide between covered an uncovered parking
  • Decide whether you want to use any of our extra services
  • Have your ticket information in front of you (Flight times, flight numbers)
  • Use your telephone, fax or PC to contact us and make the booking. This procedure will take less than 5'.
  • On the day of your flight, just drive to the airport (Give us a ring 15' before your arrival, to avoid wasting time in case of early arrival to the airport)
  • Park your car in the designated areas (our staff will advise you of exact directions to these areas) and our well-trained staff will locate you, collect your car and drive it to the carpark of your choice
  • Have a nice trip!
  • On the day of your arrival, we will confirm the flight and arrange to be in the same area we collected your car, expecting you.
  • Give us a call when you are expecting your luggage, to give you the exact location of your car
  • Walk out, meet our friendly staff, collect your car and drive carefully back home!

We are very sensitive with Frequent Travellers, and therefore if your company's personell travel frequently, they will get special discounts. All you have to do is get in touch with us, to give you more details about this.

Yes, that is correct. But for your own convenience, please book your car park as soon as possible, to make sure of availabilty

We count a day on a 24-hour basis, and we will never count a day, unless it exceeds 6 hours. This policy alone, may cover you for any delay, but we will also NOT count another extra 2 hours from that point onwards.


Vehicle drop-off: 01/06 at 14:00
Arrival Flight: 03/06 at 15:00
This counts as 2 days and it will count as 2 days until 20:00
So, there's no extra charge there anyway, but nevertheless, we will not charge you, even if your flight arrives at 22:00

Yes, we can now serve you if you fly from and to Paphos airport. Please contact us to make your booking, or use our Booking Form.

In this case, we can deliver your car to Paphos at the charges shown on the table below, according to your arrival time:

10:00 - 16:00 EUR69.00
16:00 - 20:00 EUR79.00
20:00 - 10:00 EUR99.00

*Please note that car park charges, pick-up charges and other charges are not included in the table above

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